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Reuse and Reduce is better than Recycle

All the AJ components are reusable thanks to their stainless steel construction.
The engineerized design of the components minimizes the mass of used material.
There are no welds but only screwed connections between AJ components, so, at the life end of the structure, all these components are recoverable and reusable.
In this way the value of the structure is much higher than it would be if it were demolished.


AJ Stainless Steel Framing Products

AJ manufactures metal framing solutions for a large range of building projects.
AJ components benefit from the inherent strength, durability, accuracy and weight saving properties of stainless steel.
With extensive engineering and manufacturing experience, AJ produces Steel Framing components for industrial, commercial, residential and remote area constructions.


Stainless Steel Framing Advantages

- Stainless steel is strong and durable, offering long lasting structural integrity.
- Steel framing won't warp, twist or shrink.
- Non-combustible, stainless steel framing offers a significant reduction in flammable material.
- Requiring no chemical treatments, Stainless Steel metal framing is the healthier alternative.
- Stainless steel framing is relatively lightweight, reducing transport and installation costs.
- With an excellent strength to weight ratio, steel framing allows for greater design flexibility.
- Avoid onsite cutting and welding minimizes installation time and material waste.


Quality shines

- AJ is a world-class leader in innovative design and manufacturing market leader with a reputation for excellence in design, function and durability.
- For every single product, a careful study of its procedure, sampling, testing and modification are in place even before any action is taken. This meticulous in-detail discussion and having an in-house molding R&D department allows the AJ engineers total freedom and full control for production scheduling as well as quality control for each step of the design.