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The Buyer

The project is always under financial control during its process because each AJ item has its own price EXW AJ-Warehouse.
Therefore, easy job for the buyer, the entire purchasing list is a natural output coming from the final project.
At least the buyer is able to launch the order in very short times.

The Architect

The AJ Website supplies an excellent toolbox for creative architects and designers.
The AJ Library is a smart package of standard and parametric components to create trusses, frames, tensegrity structures or entire buildings.
The AJ Library is downloadable and ready to give live to your project.

The Engineer

The continuous game of ping-pong between the architect and the engineer is always fruitful and sometime amazing.
AJ Library is the perfect playground for them, the AJ System is the magic toy.
Each downloaded AJ item contains all the physical data usable by the engineer to predict how the structure reacts to real-world stresses.

The AJ Team

We are the pivot in the AJ game, providing assistance and creating links between the Architect, the Engineer and the Buyer.
Furthermore, the AJ Team manages directly the AJ Stocks.

AJ Stock - New Pieces

Standard and parametric AJ items, new and tested are available in stock.
The AJ Team controls and coordinates the entire supply chain that feeds the stock.

AJ Stock - Second Hand

All the AJ items are 100% reusable, they always can reborn for a second life.
The used and checked AJ components enter this stock through a purchasing process operated by the AJ team on the web.


The creativity of the Architect supported by the Engineer calculation and the Buyer vision makes the AJ Truss possible.
AJ Truss are composed often of triangles because of the structural stability, the simplest geometric figure.
Tetrahedrons made by straight members with common edges may compose the AJ Spaceframes.
Other AJ standard components as: Clamps, cables, routels and wireless sensors upgrades the AJ space frame truss.


The creativity of the Architect can play again on a AJ Truss during its life cycle.
Thanks to the AJ System standard approach all the AJ Truss can be partially redesigned.
New AJ components will enter to play their role, other will feed the AJ Stock Second Hand.

Redesigned Truss

New needs have created new AJ Trusses.
All the capabilities of the original AJ Truss remains.


The real demolition of a AJ Truss doesn’t really happen.
No fire cuts, scrapping or waste production is expected.
Each AJ single component is dismantled and completely recovered as reusable element for a new AJ Truss.

Check & Test

After the dismantling phase, each AJ component have to be checked and tested.
The AJ Team is ready to assist these operations for the best fulfillment of the entire AJ Cycle.

The AJ Marketplace

The best Green Invention of this Century is the Web.
The Web allows the global and effective exchange of used components, Billions of tons of raw materials have been saved and will be saved.
The AJ Team is willing to consider proposals for the sale of Second Hand AJ components.

Download printable version (A1) - PDF file